Sustainable Consumption

I believe we need to cut down on our consumption drastically in order to save the planet. The clothing industry generates more greenhouse gases than the aviation and shipping do together. Did you know that Swedes on average buy 13 kilos of clothing a year and throw away 8 kilos? Crazy! I believe that the best consumption is the one that does not happen at all, but if you still need to consume so why not buy secondhand? It is both good for the environment and your wallet.

It is better to buy sustainably than not sustainably, but it is still bad for both the environment and your wallet. You save a lot of time and money on becoming aware of and drastically reducing your consumption. Don't be fooled into the spontaneous purchase by stores discounts and promotions, sleep on it, tomorrow you will probably feel that you don't really need that shirt. But if you really need to buy something new that can't be bought used, there are a lot of stores online that provide sustainable and vegan products.