Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable consumption, what is that?

Sustainable consumption has been defined by the UN as: “To be able to buy what we need to be able to meet our needs, without jeopardizing the opportunities of future generations to be able to meet their needs.”

To achieve a more sustainable consumption that contributes to sustainable development, everyone in society must help. Sweden is in tenth place over the countries that emit the most polluting gases per person. But much of what we consume, including clothes and electronics, has been manufactured in other countries and is therefore counted as emissions in China, India and Bangladesh and not with us. Should the emissions be counted in the countries where the goods are consumed instead, Swedes would emit twice as much per person (12 tonnes/year). This says something about how much our consumption affects emissions. I believe that we all need to drastically reduce our consumption and encourage you to shop second hand as much as possible to reduce your impact on the climate. What is your opinion of this?

I made a video to share my thoughts about the Climate Crisis, Minimalism & Veganism. I also share some tips on being more sustainable and how to go vegan.


Hi! Today I am dog walking and picking up trash along the way. When you are out walking and at the same time picking up garbage found in nature, you save many animals that otherwise would have eaten the garbage and died a painful death.

I hope this can inspire you to do small actions that make a difference for our planet, bring a bag on your walk and bring the garbage you find to a garbage can! ♥ Together we make a difference!

En skräponad är när man är ute och promenerar samtidigt som man plockar upp skräp i naturen. Genom detta räddar man många djur som annars äter skräpet och dör en plågsam död. 

Jag hoppas detta kan inspirera dig till att göra små handlingar som gör skillnad för planeten, ta med en påse på promenaden och ta med skräpet du hittar till en soptunna! ♥ Tillsammans gör vi skillnad!