Second hand only please

Before the start of 2019 I decided to challenge myself to a form of shopping stop 2019 where I only can buy second hand. I created this goal for the sake of the climate and because I am trying to live a minimalistic life, but I feel that is not possible as long as new stuff is entering my home. I have been very interested in minimalism for several years, but still I feel I have a long way to go before I have a minimal home. Living a busy life with kids, it has been a struggle to get rid of stuff, but we are slowly making progress.

During my stop I can buy:

  • edible things such as coffee, food and goodies.

  • consumables such as patches and detergents.

  • experiences such as cinema visits, admission to the museum etc.

  • second hand items that my family truly need, like clothes for the children

I have failed the shopping stop a few times this year when I really could not find what I needed second hand, but otherwise it has been a easy step to take. For years I have bought a lot of second hand. I feel that it has really changed my mindset and my view of the world. Not only do I save money and time not shopping, I learn interesting things about myself and my habits. Every time I feel a urge for an item I ask myself why? Do I really need it or do I just want it? Who/what is creating this shopping urge? And so forth.

I am currently so disgusted seeing how influencers encourages people to buy products they don’t need and when I see people around me go shopping as if there was no tomorrow. We need to change or behaviour if we want to be part of the solution and not the problem. You have probably realised that many influencers promote a very unsustainable lifestyle and we need a counter wave to that, who show that there is a more sustainable way to live life. That’s why I joined sustainable influencers.

How do you feel about this topic?