World Ocean Day

Every year more than eight million tonnes of plastic gets dumped into our oceans, killing underwater wildlife and weakening the fragile marine ecosystem. ⁣


The problem of plastic pollution in the ocean is even worse. Tiny broken up pieces of plastic (microplastic) aren’t just floating at the water’s surface but are pervasive down thousands of feet. There’s actually more microplastic 1,000 feet down than there is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch according to new research. ⁣It could even be in the fish you eat..This breaks my heart, that we are destroying our beutiful oceans and the marine wildlife.

I am also so sad to see so much trash in nature everywhere I go. I can’t understand why people do it, when it’s so easy to pick up afteryourself and throw it in a trashbin. Everyday I am cleaning up the trash I see in my sorroundings so today I decided to start a new hashtag called #trashtageverydamnday. I am challenging you to join me in the fight of cleaning our sorroundings!  Every effort counts. Love and light to you all.