World Environment Day

Today it is the World Environment Day, which is celebrated to pay attention to environmental and climate issues. This year's focus is air pollution.

Air pollution is considered to be our greatest health problem. According to figures from the UN, 9/10 people worldwide breathe polluted air. Air pollution causes 1 of 9 deaths globally and is estimated to account for 7 million premature deaths. Air pollution causes respiratory problems, heart attacks, lung cancer and stroke. Air pollution also damages our environment through increased oxygen in the oceans and more difficult conditions for plants to grow and contributes to climate change. But the good news is that air pollution can be prevented, there are solutions but we need to act now. Here are some tips for you to be more sustainable and part of the solution:

  • Travel with the environment in mind. Use your bike, walk or ride public transport.

  • Eat plants instead of meat and dairy products that account for large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Pick up the garbage you see in nature.

  • Consume less. Limit waste and food waste. Shop less and when you buy buy mainly secondhand. The clothing industry accounts for more emissions than aviation and shipping.

  • Don’t use single plastic items. Bring your own metal straw.

  • Plant trees.

  • Switch to green electricity from renewable sources.

  • Save your money in sustainable funds where the money is not invested in large climate bucks.

  • Make your own cleaning supplies and beauty products.

  • Try to shop food that is package free as much as possible to lower your waste.

  • Use what you already have. Borrow the things you can.

I am not perfect, I am not a minimalist nor a zero waster (yet), but there is were I am striving to be and I hope to inspire you to take more conscious steps towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Together we create a better world!