Sustainable and toxic free Cleaning

What do you use when cleaning? I have completely stopped buying “regular” cleaning supplies. I do not want those chemicals in the home and it’s better for both me and the family and the planet to make my own cleaning supplies. I clean with bicarbonate/ baking soda, vinegar, salt, linseed oil soap and use eco detergent.

Here are some simple cleaning tips!

Stove: Get rid of ingrown dirt by pouring on vinegar and then sprinkle with baking soda. Let it bubble for a while, then clean with lukewarm water.

Stop in the pipes: Pour a cup of bicarbonate and a cup of salt into the drain. Slowly pour on a cup of vinegar. Let it skim. After a quarter, pour a litre of boiling water. Clear!

Washcloth: Throw the cloth in the laundry or cook it with a little detergent once a week so it stays fresh longer.

Lime in bathroom: Clean with vinegar or citric acid.

Microwave oven: Set a cup of water with pressed lemon, heat at full power one minute. Now it is easy to wipe away food residue and it smells good!

I hope this small post inspired you to (if not already) clean more sustainable!