Nice to see you, my name is Sanna, I am 33 years old, swedish and mother of two.

I started this blog because I feel the need to speak up about the situation with the planet we are all living on. It’s time for a change! People need to wake up and read the news, the temperature is raising and it’s doing so rapidly. We can’t keep living the way we have. We need to make a change, today! I want to inspire you and spread the word about veganism.

I have been a vegetarian since the age of 12 and a vegan for soon 3 years. Going vegan is the best decision I have ever taken! It makes me feel so good in body and soul, but I feel the need to do much more, for the animals and the planet. I wish for a bright future for my kids and future generations and I can’t sit and watch while the world is on fire.

Please join me on the mission to make the world a better place for us all! I hope to give you hope and inspiration.

With love,